Jambes is a recording studio in Brussels, commissioning new works by artists experimenting with sound and voice.

E n t e r t h e j a m b o r e e


Bergur Anderson

Around the Songster's Commune


I. Frogs — field recordings from Brussels marshes
II. A solo guitarist reads and plays a Marcabru song
III. Doo doo doo — a singing keyboard expresses a new melody
IV. Fair-headed friend — a love poem written and read by the artist
V. Rondeau (So must one go) — a rondeau imagining, sung to a poem by an unnamed early woman troubadour

Around the Songster’s Commune is a sonic drift into troubadour poetry and song. It is collected meditations: compositional fragments, whimsy ditties, field recordings and experiments with troubadour song-making methodologies.

Bergur Anderson is an Icelandic artist, composer and sound-maker based in Rotterdam. His practice is essentially concerned with musical storytelling; the healing aspects of sound and voice; poetic and melodic expression; the agency polyphony has in constructing oral narratives; and the relationship between the singing voice and speaking voice.

With thanks to Katrina Niebergal, Diana Duta and Frederic Van de Velde for attentive listening, editing help and support.

Available as a cassette on Futura Resistenza.

Recorded in Jambes, May 2022.