Jambes is a recording studio in Brussels, commissioning new works by artists experimenting with sound and voice.

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Nina Sarnelle

Lost Shark Addendum


Please listen in headphones.

Lost Shark Addendum is an ongoing exploration of collective voice, the limits of language and the uncertainties of extinction science. Participants are each given the English common name of a creature recently lost to the 6th Mass Extinction. Following a series of improvisational scores, the group vocalizes the names together, deconstructing the words with their bodies and in their mouths. How can we memorialize that which we cannot know—to “say their names” in a coloniser language that means nothing to “them”? How do we know when a species is truly gone?

This performance of the Lost Shark Addendum took place in darkness at a small forest gathering outside of Brussels organized by Geraldine Vanspauwen. Binaural audio recording by Diana Duta, images by Don Edler. Additional thanks to Roger Fähndrich, Nora Wehofsits & Damien Rudd.

Nina Sarnelle (they/she) is an artist & musician based on Tongva land often referred to as Los Angeles. They make research projects, live performances, community gatherings, video and sculpture.

Recorded in Brussegem, August 2023.